Remote experimentation at University of Deusto, Spain


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Table of contents

Table of contents

Bilbao (according to Google Maps)

Bilbao (according to some people in Bilbao)

Bilbao (according to the rest of Bilbao)


Bilbao - Athletic de Bilbao

University of Deusto

University of Deusto


Table of contents

Education is changing


Demonetization & Dematerialization

What about education?

Dematerializing resources

Demonetizating resources


Abundance of learning resources

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I'm a believer in online technology in education.

I think we have learned enough about this to understand that it will be transformative. It's going to change the world, and it's going to change the way we think about education. [...] This can all ad up to big changes in how we think about a university education. Could you imagine a situation where students do some of their degree work remotely and then do some on campus, particularly the small, experiential classes that don't transfer well to online?

John L. Hennessy, President of Stanford. May 2012 at IEEE Spectrum

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How to digitalize laboratories?


Shor, Bohus, Atkan. Oregon State University, 1993.

VISIR equipment

(Murray et al., 2008)

(Zackrisson et al., 2008)

(Cedazo et al., 2006)

(del Alamo et al., 2002)

(Hardison et al., 2008)

(Salzmann et al., 1998)

(Coble et al., 2010)

Digitalizing laboratories is possible!

Digitalizing laboratories is possible and useful!

How to facilitate this digitalization?

Remote Labs & scheduling

Remote Labs & technologies

What do remote laboratories have in common?


Common features

MIT iLabs

If you can't come to the lab... the lab will come to you!

Jesús del Álamo, MIT

Labshare Sahara


GOLC: Global Online Laboratory Consortium

General concepts

Making the development much easier is possible!

Once we facilitate it, how do we share it with other universities?


Sharing remote laboratories


Sharing remote laboratories

Interest increasing

European Union Commission is investing 60 million euro in research actions, projects and network of excellences in Technology- Enhanced Learning (TEL), under the call ICT-2011.8.1.

Table of contents



voodoo: internal middleware


Raspberry Pi

APIs for development

Managed model

Scheduling based on resources


Mobile support

Robot lab running on Kindle


Experiment tracking

Simulator developed to take measurements

Laboratories developed in Deusto

Sao Paulo, Bratislava, Nantes, Bogota, Batumi


Transitive federation

Federated Load Balance

Use case

wCloud: RLMS as a Service

Table of contents


Remote experimentation at University of Deusto, Spain